Yusuf Adams

Yusuf Adams

The artist is usually delving into line and shape and has based his practice on an inquiry into the role of the artist and a unique drawing aesthetic. His experimentation with materials, balances brilliantly with his graphical ambition that is clearly expressed to lighten the mood. The example of his work that we have chosen signifies such reviving colour and vibrancy, and the scale of the print reflects the task we have at hand. He is influenced by philosophy, geography, and sociology as well as a fascination with buildings that have changed the face of his spiritual journey through research and discovery. He has traveled extensively across the the Muslim world with his research and his practice, building bricks of patience and joining various signature gestures with his innate attitude to investigate and send his message out.

The Swan Song of the Centuries, [2009] must only be bought as a reproduction and by someone who is known to be a Muslim. This is due to the prints Quranic content in the sophisticated lettering of a special kind of Arabic script.

If you wish for a commission of his work then please contact us from our contact page.

Yusuf Adams- The Swan Song of the Centuries

Only the limited edition print available
Yusuf Adams: Print on board. [2009]

Price: £40.00