Understanding the Label


Understanding the label

By Barnaby Wills

Due to the critical response that the new artists are engaged in at this current time, we must throw away any preconceived ideas about the artist and his role amongst traders, workmen and politicians. We must throw away in the sense of putting something behind us, leaving something behind and not worrying about the form it is taking once we have moved from it. It is like when we leave a tap running and walk away from it, we know that the vessel will be filled and then the water will happily overflow onto the floor. We must know the results of something first of all, then we must try to sculpt a new way of organising events, whilst being very specific with the terms. It is not about decoding the dialogue, it is much more important to set a clear language and know what to keep and know what to throw away in relation to the conceptual language we use. We are labelled what we are labelled as human beings but it is the heart of the individual that leads the individual, just as it is the reality of the group that protects the form of man. It is like the universal humility of the man or women titled who doesn’t wish to be referred to with that title. This is sometimes the sign we need to recognise a figure of great humility. This is all we need as a sign to recognise a true person in any field when they come. The actual fact that remains true to every situation is that the human heart is the thing that moves to what pleases it in the case of the righteous, and the humble. The artist that is humble is the artist that is following the laws of creation and is aware of the instant moment that helps to make the works happen, and therefore come to life. 

Now we must move clearly in the direction of improvisation. To improvise in music the individual has to learn the scales, the tones, the stipulated verses that may or may not remain true to the original intention. The point of this is to understand how someone can improvise. Improvisation is a taught thing that comes naturally once the artist has learnt how to master that very thing in the first place. The notation, the love of the song, and the creative aspects of the piece are all there in the first place and then once the artist knows how to experiment around it, something very spontaneous happens. The term used for the visual arts can move from the word ‘spontaneous’ to the word ‘improvised’ as this term is more specific and more relevant to the skill and application of the artist. We calculate the problem and we negotiate the cure and what happens to the human being is that he is brought to a new situation from this practice and this attitude. This will always happen when there is problems in society because the nature of society is that it can mend itself to a certain extent. Society needs a good foundation to build upon. We must admire what is happening in an intellectual and practical zone when we feel the need.