Peter Offord

Peter Offord’s work is rooted in a concern for society and a political awareness that has echoes of his commitment to an inquiry into painting. Peter’s practice has always been diverse; currently he is working with graphical imagery using repetitive printing techniques taken from common signs and advertising language. Peter is also working currently with found objects in his homely studio and is making figurative paintings that have a strong dissident narrative. These works are constantly in conversation with the viewer, holding firm to a stance and a point of view, this is emphasized by his acuteness of eye and his technical ability.
Peter trained as a sculptor and has produced some strong work in this field also, one being a cast resin pillow which was exhibited for the Ammunition show in Norwich featuring work in response to conflict. When he is not contemplating and processing everyday visual language, portraiture and the stature and freedom of painting he is exploring the way the artist can work as a genius.