Nicholas Denney

Nick has been producing work with a fair portfolio for a few years using his insightful observations and creative explanations. His acuteness of detail and illustrative capability relates to his inspirations with a clear deconstructive narrative that offers sympathy for the medium of paintings newly discovered lack of impact, that has been observed by the eyes and selectors of Art Tank.

We have chosen the pictures that we feel correlates to the rest of our navigational capabilities, thus looking at the impending ignition for the desktops of the world. Nick’s work contains a unique clarification that reminds us of his brightness and full bodied representation of objects. He has been a residential artist at the Anteros Arts Foundation based  King of Heart’s in Norwich and is grateful of a newly found practical application of his ideas and concepts shown online. He is shedding new light to the still ever present imaginations of still life and colour dynamism.

His work sometimes describes a re-working of a thought process taking shape in front of the viewer’s eyes and it also describes a journey. The use of oil on board can remind us of some favoured masters of the past but as we enter a new age this kind of work also calculates a whole new set of possible techniques and reminders.



Untitled: Oil on board, [2013].

Price: £160.00





Nicholas Denney- Flower study

Flower study: Olil on board, [2003].

Price: £100.00