Nael Ghandour

102This current artist and craftsman approaches his practice from a specific view of the world that he attempts to communicate to the viewer. He makes work about our environment and questions what roles art plays within our social fabric. He takes photographs, makes things with wood, and he intends to make traditional caligraphic masterpieces. He lives and works in Northern England, UK.

Some of his work is just pictures from the street that call society to fresh thinking, new philosophies and a just world that acts upon truth. The colour that he uses lean him towards a flowering of acute awareness and civil manners that blend in with certain knowledge and good action. We cannot claim these works do not inspire people as we have seen what can be flushed out from the street. Joy, after joy, we look again at what good there is to find in art.

His ‘Unintentional art’ series [which is what we have chosen to show] will begin to answer fantastic questions about advertising and the authority of the good word and the good way for the world. This series of works take into consideration many healthy ideas that may be challenged but its aesthetic value we believe can be discovered truly and deeply.