Kieran McLean

Mutant Ninja Coastline

Kieran McLean is originally from Oxford in the UK and studied Fine Arts in Bristol at the University of the West of England. His painting practice is quite diverse as he works with both representation and abstraction. We find a mature regularity in the way he constructs his images and the way he uses his chosen medium. Some of his more figurative work is very playful in its subject matter but intends to be viewed seriously because of the technique and the attention to detail.

McLean captures his subjects not to look at each thing specifically but to use things as a vehicle, to use subjects as more of an general interest and a way of communicating something bigger. Essentially McLean’s work intends to find some kind of order in the chaotic, emphasising the human capacity to imagine. He uses drips not for action painting but for calm melodious painting, as his work enters realms of contextual gardens and lush fields that grow and glow. By using this process he steers the viewer away from luxurious beauty by using flowing experimental application.