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Jeannette Schulze- Dreyer was born in Jena, Germany where she spent much of her youth. During her travels in Spain she discovered black and white photography and at first concentrated on portraiture. The works have moved into the realm of fine art photography acting as a reference point or perhaps a new kind of picture plane mimicking painting. This lead to her winning the 1st prize in the Central German Youth and Children’s competition ‘Signs of the Times’ in 1997 with her series of photographs ‘Muslim Women’.

Since her relocation from Potsdam to Stralsund (on the Baltic coast) she has developed her photographic practice further by experimenting with subject matter and by using a subtle use of colour in her work. Her photography typifies an outlook that strives for a traditional process ignoring the immediacy of certain technological advancements from the modern world. The seriousness of the work communicates vividly with the viewers imagination, as we pause and take another look at creation. Latifa'scaged.trauriger-löwe-sad-lion