Hassani Elboumeshouli



Hassani 3.

Hassani Elboumeshouli takes photographs that reach out onto a global community which are filtered to his chosen audience. He is an artist based in Morocco and his works replicate the advancement of the arts in his region. Some of his subject matter he meets with has a kind of subtle caution that pushes issues of exploration and travel to a new direction.

He can claim virtues of excellence in colourism, and in portraiture that may be viewed in Europe to offer answers to civic problems and ills. Similar to some of the most celebrated names in his field he looks at the modern world from his position of prestige being the artist, amongst scholars and teachers within the Muslim society at large. We can see his influences being from film and architecture which take references from great Muslim civilisations. We are delighted to present you the opportunity to view his new works.