Askanadi_40x40cm_Acryl on Canas_2014_2 (1)

Our world is real as well as spiritual. We face a materialistic world with technological innovations. The world is celebrated by diversity without identity. Technology serves as a medium to enter the spiritual realm and modern lifestyle has undermined human‘s spiritual condition. Our social environment becomes a jungle; even its law becomes the law of the jungle. The environment becomes a true spacious realm, something abstract that gives us inspiration about the meaning of borders. Through space we can interact, know the past, have a hope for the future. Through spacious realm we can position our civilisation working with the techniques of creativity. The artist helps the contextual and cultural situation of today by lending his hand to the Islamic arts as we have never seen it before. The artist is respectful of contemporary art practice and utilises a method that engages both the public and the environment. He is also aware of how art is just that, simply art and the works reflect this.

Space is the place where we start and end our life. The artworks are an expression of these reflections taking into account several dimensions described above. Here, expressions, emotions and thoughts are realized with simplicity. The simplicity of colors, spaces and lines and their repititions serve to achieve spiritual profoundness. The simpler something is, the more it affects a person‘s emotions in their endeavour to give meaning to life as space and life as a medium for meditation. It is through various means, methods and spiritual locations that humans are led to find the eternal between a multidimensional and multicultural world.