The Artists

The Artists that are becoming established during the time we live need to see that a new position for them can be made possible by the re-establishment of key holistic mechanics in society and in the working horizons at large. The artists we are working closely with have been chosen because of their overall attitude as well as their stylistic quality and professionalism. The Art Tank Space aims to help all kinds of artists become more widely appreciated throughout the UK and the rest of the world. What is our view on art and the creative process? What is Art for? Art is a very natural process, man feels compelled to use what is around him to describe what is around him. He might want to communicate to generations who will come after him, or he might want to document a major event in history, or he might want to pursue a greater understanding of the divine. The artist that dedicates his life for his art, and cares not for society is in our view adopting too much of a socially inconsiderate attitude that may not have any relevance today. The fruit that comes from the creative process needs to pave the way for a brighter future. The cultural and artistic pathways must recognise the creativity and productivity of the artists themselves which will lead to developments across the field. What can an artist do? The artist should no longer be just social and political commentators as well as producers, but an involvement in community should take presedence. Taking part or not engaging, is there any substance for this dialectic of art versus life? The artist must be laying the road for people and the artist must be paving the way for an involvement in the wider community that assists a level of social and cultural expertise.




(Featured image) Muhammad Yazied Arsad, Untitled (2009)

For a long time art has been an instrument of propaganda, showing off prestige and rallying the common man. Art was used to swing the comman man one way, and then suddenly another. The modern artist has to understand where he is positioned in this historical time line.

Art can try to ask the following questions:

1. Do we know our own history?

2. How can we work together?

3. How can we collectively achieve the highest aims?

Creative energy and creative thinking can be harnessed in the best possible way that uplifts the viewer and helps to foster the growth of community in general.

By The Art Tank Space