Anjula Crocker

Clipper II 2.jpeg No 12

Anjula Crocker is a practicing artist working with what might be thought of as female craft techniques. These techniques help the viewer understand the role of the women in society. The artist uses this technique to apply herself to interesting and stimulating works. Her works are often based upon stories relating to obsessions, addictions and the role these things have on society in general.

The artist here uses her craft to raise awareness and offers refreshing insight into sensitive matters. She uses repetitive stitching techniques that sometimes for the basis of a work using canvas or printmaking and has a diverse methodology she adopts. The repetition in her works shows the viewer that the process in key to her artworks and that this also relates very intuitively to the foundations of craft techniques and the role of the artist. Crocker has been actively observing chosen subjects such as; flowers, ships, patterns and decorative symbolism.