Andy Merritt

I lost my garden

Andy Merritt spent his childhood in the Countryside of Essex. He came to see nature in a whole new way through experiencing creativity. These early experiences, of the enchantment in simplicity, but also the harshness of nature has shaped him as creative producer. He continues to explore beauty found in seemingly un-interesting places. Merritt observes and records by rendering quick sketches in a sketchbooks and then his work develops from there. He explores the history of art in a fluid way, with references to ‘Renaissance’ artists and French Impressionist’s like Monet. He does this in a playful way, not excluding any movement or Art form, including Graphic novels and Animation. He remains free to explore certain developments in Art , using collage painting and sculpture in his studio, which becomes more lively with each new experiment. This environment helps him bounce ideas off each new piece, which usually begin with drawing. This state of naivety in his process is a way of creating expressive and unique work.