About – The Art Tank Space – a guiding helper in the arts


Peter Offord The Future, oil on board, 50 cm x 40 cm (2012)

The Art Tank Space have set out to celebrate the contemporary art that is emerging today. We are an online art space that aims to discover new creativity and offer a unique platform for artists who are either new to exhibiting, or who are already established. Our strategy is based upon guiding the artists through the process of development and promoting the works with purpose and relevance.



Barnaby Wills  Month of Mending, oil on canvas, 74 cm x 74 cm (2016)

We aim to promote artists that may demonstrate a certain willingness to stimulate intellectual growth, which we feel is integral to the creative process and the future of the creative industries. We have seen how artists need a much better scope for opportunities to enable a career to develop. Emerging artists can fulfil their capabilities and work with something that is challenging. We are dedicated to selling, promoting and fostering the work of artists that we are excited about and who we are grateful to work with. We support work that is both inherently critical and that discover new audiences for art that directs us towards a positive future. Take the plunge and be confident in working with us. We strive to set an example to the rest of our field by selecting artists that respond to the social climate in a challenging and reflective manner. We hope to offer artists an opportunity to gain exposure, by pursuing their interests and helping them through the creative process. Art today helps us understand the world that has been brought into being today, and helps us understand how visual language can prepare us all for the future.